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An Impartial Review of the Restaurants Serving the Resort City

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Breakfast Places

We had a visitor ask for a list of places serving Breakfast. So we did a telephone survey. We have eaten at some of these places and not at others, so we will include no ratings. However if a restaurant can't cook an egg or a pancake, they shouldn't be in business anyway. If you have comments on any of these places, both good and bad, please send them along.  

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are solely those of the reviewers. There has been no attempt to present an establishment either in a favorable or unfavorable light. We use the same criteria to judge each restaurant in the hopes of giving you an accurate idea of what you can expect before spending your time and money. We do not endorse any establishment. Heck, we don't even endorse the advertisers who appear on our pages. However you've got to cut them some slack for having the guts to be seen here.

Here's the way our review works: We save our money until we can eat out and choose a restaurant that we think we are going to enjoy. If we enjoy it, we tell you so. If not, we suggest that you not waste your money. It's not scientific, but when you are going to spend $50 to $100 dollars on a meal, we like to help you get a fair value.

Horror Stories & Kudos
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Restaurants Health Inspections

  • Want to know if there have been any Health Violations at a restaurant where you plan to eat? Click on this link to find out. Virginia Dept. of Health Restaurant Inspections. Then click on Restaurant Inspections and type in Restaurant Name.

Your experience at a given restaurant may be different from ours. If so, please email us your ratings, opinions and observations so we may add them to the Visitor's Comments page.

email: editor@vbrestaurantguide.com



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